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Meet Cristina

I was born in Albuquerque and love my state deeply. I was raised on values of family, community, and resilience. As the oldest daughter, I helped care for my little brothers and learned that together, we are stronger. I learned from my relatives who were pastors, social workers, health-care providers, educators, and public servants that community is everything. And having lived in the rural areas of Nicaragua, supporting my parents’ non-profit that trained community health workers, I learned how hard work makes us resilient.


I lead with these values, listening first and working not on or for but WITH the community for the changes we need.​


Our City and State have entrusted me with some of New Mexico’s largest projects on healthcare and homelessness. I know the challenges we face in our neighborhoods, but I also have been able to see firsthand what we can do when we work together.  We can ensure strong and healthy communities for our families; we can address homelessness through bold action that connects to and creates housing; and we can make smart infrastructure investments that fight climate change and support economic opportunities for our young people.​


As the youngest woman in our State Legislature, I am committed to bringing a fresh perspective, data-driven investments, and long-term solutions that secure a brighter future for our generation.



A Better Future for New Mexico

On August 11, 2023, I stood with my community and took my oath of office to serve my district in the Legislative Assembly of New Mexico as a State Representative. It’s been over 80 years since the house has seen a woman as young as me.

The lack of diversity in State Legislatures across our country should alarm us. Many of the laws that affect our daily lives the most are created in this branch of government. These days, State Legislatures can determine the bodily autonomy of women, how much funding public schools get, whether trans folks can access medical care, what district you get to vote in, gun laws, and so much more.

I do not take this appointment lightly— it is the gift of a lifetime to serve in this role. I am committed to bringing a fresh perspective, data-driven investments, and long-term solutions that secure a brighter future for our young generations (generations often not represented in legislatures). I will fight for our values of justice in housing, healthcare, economic and climate policies.

This race has been the hardest thing I have ever done and I am here today because of my community, my family, my friends, my partner, my mentors, and a legacy of women who paved the way for young women like me to have a chance. If you’re reading this and believe in this mission, please reach out or consider making a contribution to my campaign.

Finally, I’ll say to those out there considering a career in government or public service. Two years ago, I took a leap of conscience leaving my comfortable job in management consulting in New York to come home and work on homelessness in the city I was born, Albuquerque. If you can believe it, most days, the work was harder than management consulting but it was worth it. Our cities and states need more talented young people in government and if not you, then who?

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