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With community, we can!

About Me

I was born in Albuquerque and love my state deeply. I come from a family of pastors, social workers, healthcare providers, educators, and public servants who have taught me that community is everything. And having lived in rural Nicaragua supporting my parents’ nonprofit to train community health workers, I learned how hard work makes us resilient. I lead with these values, listening first and working not on or for but WITH the community for the changes we need.

Our City and State have entrusted me with some of New Mexico’s largest projects on healthcare and homelessness. I know the challenges we face in our neighborhoods, but I also see firsthand what we can do when we work together.  We can ensure strong and healthy communities for our families; we can address homelessness through bold action that creates housing; and we can make smart investments that fight climate change and support job opportunities for our young people.

As the youngest woman in our State Legislature, I am committed to bringing a fresh perspective, data-driven investments, and long-term solutions that secure a brighter future for our generation. 

My policies

solutions to homelessness and housing crisis

Reduce the experience of homelessness in the state of New Mexico and encourage creating more affordable, climate-conscious housing across the state

safer neighborhoods and reducing gun violence

Make our communities safer by establishing programs that have been effective in reducing crime across the state

A Better primary care and Behavioral Health System

Increase access and availability for primary care, expand addiction treatment and behavioral health services, and require insurance companies to cover these services

Defend and Expand reproductive health services

Protect access to reproductive healthcare and preserve our state as a haven for marginalized individuals to receive care

Green economic development and jobs

Boost our economy, accelerate our transition to green energy, and create jobs by tapping into our state's massive potential to produce solar and wind energy

equity and inclusion for marginalized communities

Work alongside the Tribal Nations and Pueblos, champion bills such as the NM Voting Rights Act, and support anti-discrimination laws

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